The voice of Silent suffering.

''What is it?'', Sulekha asked Amar.
''Silent suffering! My story!!'' Said Amar.
''Our journal follows a certain policy .''
''But truth is truth.''
''You write wives are being raped and beaten by their husbands constantly!..''
''...And they have converted into the machines of child production and forced to carry children like...'', said Amar.
''The policy of our journal is to show the brightest parts of fashion, lifestyle, movie, sexual scandals ...'' Sulekha said quickly.
''India is a country of villages. And the source of this story is village, Gandhi Ji would believe in village.''
''Then you must work in a vernacular Journal'', she lost her temper.
'' I am a country dog...but I want to bark in English. Have you ever seen the real conditions of Indian women? '', said Amar.
"I am the editor of this journal. I want to lead it in French style. It is sold in affluent society.''
''...Who never want to read about these Indian women....''
"No discussion. I will not publish it,'' she said emphatically.
''I have done my work, now it is your choice.''

"Darling! I have bought a good book of Tantrik sex,'' Raman said to Sulekha in the bedroom.
''I am not interest in it now. I need some space '' She told in a tired tone.
''Oh! no, You are always experimental with sex. Your sexual articles are read widely. My all friends say that I am very lucky to get a wife like you. Let us try this book. You will get some unique experience for your readers,'' He held her.
''But I am not ready for it, ''
"A woman can be aroused anytime with man's fingers, you love my fingers around your body,''
''Please, I do not want it right now.''
''But I am very much excited about the book.'' He entered his hands under her clothes.
''Stop it.''
''Oh! Come on ! You are always a hot bitch in bed and I love it.''
''But I do not want it now.''
''I do not care. When a woman says no, it means yes, '' he said and took her in arms.

''Amar! I want to publish Silent suffering,'' Sulekaha said to Amar.
''But you have to rewrite it. I want to add more truth of the Indian women. ''
''Wonderful! ''
''The women of affluent society have liberty to abort unwanted child or use contraceptive. Would you mind to re-write this story?
''Of course not.''

''Sulekha!! You are the editor. You know our policy. We are not in favor of publishing such stories,' Mr. Joshi, the owner of the Journal, said to Sulekha, showing ''the Silent suffering.''
''But it is the truth.''
" Editorial board wanted to remove you.''
''I will resign.''
''No, Our readership has increased dramatically. You have done a great job.''
''But what about policy.''
''We changing it. Under your guideline this Journal will be the Voice of silent suffering.''

The End.


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