The Silent escape

(Dedicated to Maxim Gorky)
"No will move," Secret agents Pant looked to all four youths, who were sitting around a table, pointing his revolver to them.
''Who is editor? I want only editor.'' All eights eyes looked to Pant, then to each-other, they talked silently.
''If you do not tell, I will shoot all of you, '' he roared.
''You are talking to editor,'' Mohanti murmured.
''No cheating! I warn. You are underarrest.''
''For this.'' He showed ''The journal.''
''I am reading it too,'' Mohanti looked over The journal. ''It is interesting.''
''You are a hell!!! And the government is waiting for you.''
''This journal has been scrutinized by top brash. And my duty is to put him at the right place. I have no any other affair. Just come with me.''
''Are you sure that I am the editor of the Journal? ''
''No dog game with me, I have been asked to take him at any cost...No problem if he is among the four dead bodies. I always love to use my revolver. ''
''Then you are an smart officer. Would you like to join us? Just for a matter that I am dealing here.''
''Ok.'' Pant sits among them.
''How all the fronts can be blocked?''
''For whom?"
''For democracy.'', said Vimal.
'' Democracy is thinking about itself...Am I looking fool? What are you planning?''
''You want the editor or this plan?'', Mohanti said.
''It is the game?
"Then plan."
''Ok, We are going to attack so called democratic fronts that are being run by Jokers...Media is our target...We are thinking in a new light about it. It is a created Giant...and we want to kill it....and we are simply talking in native language to native people.
''Good!! High dreams! But useless!!!''
''You are reading The Journal? ''
''It is a hell!''
''Many people are loving it, I too love to read it.''
''The drama is over. Come with me.''
''You are breaking the promise. ''
''What promise? ''
''The plan or the Editor."
''Oh! Plan goes to hell, I want the editor.''
''It is the character of democracy!''
Pant stood up. All eight eyes Looked to each other, talked in silence. Mohanti went away with Pant, undercover.
All of four smiled and looked to the box, under there feet.
''We have saved all five thousands copies.''
''We have to distribute them all as soon as possible.''
One of them opened the box and took out the bundles of ''the Journal'' and distributed among themselves, and run away silently.
The End.


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