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फिर शाम हुई बाजार लगा

(मंथन जी ने इस गजल को लिखा है) फिर शाम हुई बाजार लगा, दोशीजा कोई नीलाम हुई चुभते फिकरे, खिचता आंचल, मुफलिस की गरीबी आम हुई। सीने पे टिकीं भूखी नजरें, महफिल में सौदे इस्मत के ये पत्थर दिल, पत्थर चेहरे, आंखों से हया गुमनाम हुई । अंधी गलियां, मसली कलियां, परदों के पीछे रंगरलियां जो कल तक धार थी गंगा की, वो आज छलकता जाम हुई। बोझल सांसे, बेबस आहें, पलकों में उजड़ते ख्वाब कई करवट करवट सिसकी सिसकी, यूं ही रात तमाम हुई । इंसाफ के पहरेदारों से, इतना तो पूछे आज कोई ये भी तो किसी की इज्जत थी, क्यों नाहक ही बदनाम हुई ।


(A short story) The cursor was blinking on the monitor. Thak...Thak... thak thak!!! Her ten fingers were running fast on the key board. ''Smoking is injurious to health. This warning has no meaning for people who are...'' Her fingers stopped as if she was not clear of her thought. In her mind something deep was moving but she was unable to express it in words. A thinking monkey emerged on the monitor. She deleted the second line and read the first one, ''Smoking is injurious to health.'' She had to submit her story to the editor of the Journal today. She started again, '' What is the use of this warning if smokers do not bother to read it, and only this warning is enough to stop people form smoking? Why people smoke? '' She again stopped, and the thinking monkey again appeared. She looked to the blinking cursor. She always hated it. In irritation she deleted all the lines including, ''Smoking is injurious to health.''

The Silent escape

(Dedicated to Maxim Gorky) "No will move," Secret agents Pant looked to all four youths, who were sitting around a table, pointing his revolver to them. ''Who is editor? I want only editor.'' All eights eyes looked to Pant, then to each-other, they talked silently. ''If you do not tell, I will shoot all of you, '' he roared. ''You are talking to editor,'' Mohanti murmured. ''No cheating! I warn. You are underarrest.'' ''Why?'' ''For this.'' He showed ''The journal.'' ''I am reading it too,'' Mohanti looked over The journal. ''It is interesting.'' ''You are a hell!!! And the government is waiting for you.'' ''Why?'' ''This journal has been scrutinized by top brash. And my duty is to put him at the right place. I have no any other affair. Just come with me.'' ''Are you sure

The voice of Silent suffering.

''What is it?'', Sulekha asked Amar. ''Silent suffering! My story!!'' Said Amar. ''Our journal follows a certain policy .'' ''But truth is truth.'' ''You write wives are being raped and beaten by their husbands constantly!..'' ''...And they have converted into the machines of child production and forced to carry children like...'', said Amar. ''The policy of our journal is to show the brightest parts of fashion, lifestyle, movie, sexual scandals ...'' Sulekha said quickly. ''India is a country of villages. And the source of this story is village, Gandhi Ji would believe in village.'' ''Then you must work in a vernacular Journal'', she lost her temper. '' I am a country dog...but I want to bark in English. Have you ever seen the real conditions of Indian women? '', said Amar. "I am the editor of this journ

कोई पीटे, कोई भी पिटे- मेरे बाप का क्या?

सभी राजनीतिक रोटियां सेकने में लग गए हैं। चुनाव करीब है। शायद तीन दशक पहले की बात आपको याद होगी, बाल ठाकरे के नेतृत्व में मुंबई में रहने वाले दक्षिण भारतीयों के खिलाफ एक नारा दिया गया था, लुंगी उठाओ-पुंगी बजाओ। अब उसी खानदान के कुलदीपक ने उत्तर भारतीयों के विरोध का ठेका लिया है। संकट सामने है कि आगामी लोकसभा चुनाव में किसे चुनें। अब देखिए वर्तमान राजनीति-- कांग्रेस की राजनीति कांग्रेस इसलिए नवनिर्माण सेना को बढ़ावा दे रही है कि उसे शिव सेना से अगले चुनाव में मुकाबला करना है। अगर राज ठाकरे इस तरह की नंगई करके कुछ वोट काटने में सफल हो जाता है तो वह कांग्रेस के हित में रहेगा। यही वजह है कि कांग्रेस सरकार महाराष्ट्र में जंगलराज बरकरार रखने में मदद कर रही है। विलासराव देशमुख सरकार ने अगर गिरफ्तारी की भी, तो नाटक करने के लिए। हिंदी टीवी चैनलों पर मराठी बोलकर दिखाना पड़ा कि वे भी मराठियों के खैरख्वाह हैं। भाजपा की राजनीति यह पार्टी तो जैसे नंगी होने के लिए पैदा ही हुई है। सत्ता में रही तब अपने मुद्दे को छो़ड़कर नंगी हुई। सत्ता के बाहर रही तो और तरीकों से। राष्ट्रीय और हिंदूवादी पार्टी ह

जिंदगी से रूठना आता नहीं

(Written by Manthan) जिंदगी से रूठना आता नहीं पर मुझे इसका चलन भाता नहीं हर किसी को हर किसी से गर्ज है बेगरज भी तो जिया जाता नहीं यूँ तो मिलता है मुझे वो प्यार से क्या है उसके दिल में बतलाता नहीं भूल बैठे हैं मुझे अपने सभी डाकिया भी ख़त कोई लाता नहीं मौसिकी जब से हुई बेआबरू अब कोई फनकार कुछ गाता नहीं तंग होगा भूक से वो अजनबी बेवजह कोई भी विष खाता नहीं आइनों का शहर है ये सोच ले आइनों se jhoot chhup paata nahin (I love it, so I present it.....Just enjoy.)

''You are, therefore I think''

(A short story) Amar was turning the pages of a book. His eyes were fixed on the pages, but he was unable to read them, he was not interested in them, even he did not know what the name of the book was!! After turning all the pages, he threw it away. He picked up the remote and looked to the closed TV, but did not push the button to start it. He threw the remote on the table and laid down on the bed. ''What the hell I want?'' , he mumbled looking towards the ceiling fan. The words of Kopal, ''What is it in me being a Kathak Dancer that you find fascinating or interesting?'' were running deep in his mind with the fast speed of the running ceiling fan. 'Cogito ergo sum !!!.... Je pense, donc je suis !!! ....I think, therefore I am !!!... I am thinking, therefore I exist....What the hell she has put in my mind....!!! Renee Descartes ...!!! Kopal has captivated my mind, Oh! It is not good.....My mind is intoxicated badly....She is more powerful than

The pain of creation

(Dedicated to an aspiring writer, whose mind influenced mine) By alok nandan For last eight hours, Rahul was trying his best to finish the last scene of his new script, '' the Outstanding creator'' He was dealing the theme of Oedipus Complex of Sigmund Freud. He was thinking constantly of the words of Freud, "I found in myself a constant love for my mother, and jealousy of my father. I now consider this to be a universal event in childhood," Rahul was not agree with the interpretation of Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex by Freud. To him it was the story of misfortune of Oedipus Res, who never saw her mother before killing his father, rather than the sexual attraction of a growing child to his mother. Freud had picked up a good mythological story for a bad reason. And Rahul was trying hard to prove it. He was surprised to see that a whole generation of psychoanalysis was running to a wrong direction after the miscalculated work of Freud. Now he was completely tired,

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