(A short story)
The cursor was blinking on the monitor. Thak...Thak... thak thak!!! Her ten fingers were running fast on the key board. ''Smoking is injurious to health. This warning has no meaning for people who are...'' Her fingers stopped as if she was not clear of her thought. In her mind something deep was moving but she was unable to express it in words.
A thinking monkey emerged on the monitor. She deleted the second line and read the first one, ''Smoking is injurious to health.''
She had to submit her story to the editor of the Journal today. She started again, '' What is the use of this warning if smokers do not bother to read it, and only this warning is enough to stop people form smoking? Why people smoke? '' She again stopped, and the thinking monkey again appeared. She looked to the blinking cursor. She always hated it. In irritation she deleted all the lines including, ''Smoking is injurious to health.''
The chat box emerged on the monitor.
''Hi! Sexy! What r u doing? We have arranged a party tonight for you. Are you coming '' It was Roshan's message.
''I am not sure, busy with an article.'' She replied.
''Oh really!! What about it?''
''About smoking and its bad effect .And my mind is not working properly. I will talk you latter,'' she closed the box.
She again started with the sentence, ''Smoking is injurious to health.'' But She could not write more. Her nervous system was not ready to work. She was unable to concentrate over her subject.
Unconsciously she quickly shut down the computer and went out. She crossed the narrow gallery of the office and entered into the canteen. Some journalists of the Journal were sitting in the canteen. She went to the counter and looked to the canteen boy and said, '' A mild classic please!''
After fifteen minutes she was again busy with keyboard, finishing his article '' So if you want to save yourself from smoking, never touch it. If you touch it once, it will stick with your lips.''
Having sent this article to the editor, she clicked to Roshan's name and the chat box emerged. She quickly wrote a message, ''I would love to enjoy the party, smoking and drinking.''
''Oh, yes! Smoking and drinking.''

Devendra Shaha, the editor of the Journal, opened her mail and read the story. Unconsciously he lit a cigarette and clicked to reply. With a deep puff he wrote back, ''Excellent.''

The end


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