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La commune de Paris

1. After brutal defeat, Paris was under siege; The National Guard was formed for peace. Martin and Thomas were shot together; Auguste Blanqui was elected as Leader. ''Republican tricolore'' was pushed aside; With high morals, they decided to fight . 2. For two million people, it was like haven; Separation of religions, vote for women. Gender equality was granted by decree' Lemel and Adndre made a new history. ''Red Virgin of Montmartre'' stepped ahead; A female battalion emerged from the shade. 3. National assembly played the tricky game; Marquis de Galliffet led the brutal shame! Thiers managed to prevent all information Narbonne was crushed with determination. Conspiracy was rooted deep in the hell; POWs were released from various jail. 4. Fierce fighting went on in the street; Oh! It was very brutal bloody week. Labau Barracks and Luxembourg garden! These were the notoriou


1. Someone right, Some one left, Elected leaders, sitting on bench. Nation is aware to listen debate; As the future of country at stake. Journalists write al lot of nuclear deal No one understands it is down or hill. 2. Bundles of currency, spread around; No one listen, but everywhere sound. Left-wing speaker tries to control; But members are ready to kill the soul. Freedom to speak has another meaning; Dog-like bark, and rat-like dealing. 3. Non-sense talking goes ahead; Parliamentarians cry without head Cunning PM looks to high; And getting assurance not to shy. knowing very well how to ride; The lady of power full of pride. 4. Debate of national deal goes to hell; But numerical exercise does well. Governments is saved again from fall; Mischievous smile spread over all. ''People will'' is crushed in agreement. Yes! Yes!! It is our national Parliament. 5 Democracy and its soul i

''You steal the dream''

(Dedicated to those peace lover, who thinks ''The little boy'' and ''The Fat man'' were same for mankind, I would love listen all the peace loving people .) You steal the dreams, after the defeat of the Eagle, Gathering, conspiracy, divisions, cunning smile . He sits in a cave of iron, all around a jungle Roaring sea hunts his night, he thinks for a while. He fought on the earth, making them legal; Using arms thousand and thousand miles. Five millions dry people move to east, As if they would get a delicious feast. Cold storm was waiting ahead as death With a musical march, They had faith. They killed the people, burned the city, Crying hard for the victory of liberty. With sharp arms, Millions of people mingle together; Frustration, hatred, loot, killing smile, He sits on the air, all around sky Bright Sun warmed his body, he looked to fight He wanted to make the world bright. Killing! Killing! All a around Killing ! Laughi

No more blood and tears !!

(Dedicated to humankind) You are civilized, you have walked ahead; You do not run behind animals, with stones; Do not live in caves and eat meat with blood You discovered fire, then electron, proton and neutron Now, You are directing the natural forces; Ah! You are civilized, You have walked ahead. You have used ''Little boy'' and '' Fat man''; And have destructed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You are capable to destroy your whole existence. What the hell you are doing? Arm race! For what? O, Civilized world ! You have hurt yourself enough; Now you have created ''Big Giant''. It will eat you, it will eat you....Hey!! Stop yourself. ......................No more blood and tears !!

Ekata kapoor is a thinking bird

Miss Ekata kapoor is very much thoughtful girl and after a deep and constant thinking about the Mahabarata, she has brought some pearl for the New Generation, who has not seen the Mahabharata. May be, she believes that the Mahabharata is a story to be seen, and for last two years during her research, she was watching the Mahabarata, not reading it. But her finding regarding the Mahabharata is unique. She has done a lot of experiment with sas and bahu and she is confident regarding her research. In her kahaani hamaaray Mahaabhaarat ki, she has used a tatoo around the belly of Draupadi and all the members of her creative team are proud of her new findings. This tatoo around the belly of Draupadi is the result intense research, as a full team of 8 researchers was busy for last two years. Its finding must be appreciated by the new generation. Miss Ekata kapoor very politely accepts that she has not done any mythological shows, although her sas-bahu saga is far ahead of any mythology.


बेज़ुबां निकले नई जब राह पर निकले तो हम बेकारवां निकले । कोई तूफ़ान जब देखा तो बाहर खामखाँ निकले ।। तरन्नुम साधने में उम्र सारी झोंक दी लेकिन , बयां का वक्त जब आया तो कैसे बेजुबां निकले ।। किसी सूरत का ऐसा तिलिस्मी एहसास कर बैठे कि उस कूचे से जब निकले तो होकर नौजवाँ निकले। सज़ा देने में इतनी जल्दबाजी ठीक होगी क्या ? कहीं ऐसा न हो यह बाद में अपनी खता निकले । सफर करता रहा हूँ मंजिलों के बाद भी अक्सर भरोसा था कि शायद और कोई रास्ता निकले । -- हरिशंकर राढी

''Really!! It is the life"

All around the wall, the small Creatures move freely; They are blood suckers, Come out after the sunset. They love the smell of blood And drink it till death. We all sit in the room, With red and white wines; And drink and talk; Talk and drink till sunrise. With each peg, we move in different directions. Someone explains Milton, Another talks about Ibsen The third one recalls his early life; With teenage girls and their smile. All are eager to take a puff; The room fills with smoke. It is the city of big buildings; But this room is sinking under the earth Each one has dream for greatness; And wine is the ladder to it. Might be some of them touch the Zenith; Might be some of them collapse. It is the process of making history, Being part of this process is glorious. Between the bloody creatures and wine; Life is acting like a real hero. Its' roar makes the room alive; If you do not believe in me; Come and drink with us endless wine. I am sure you will learn our language, And tell..

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