''You steal the dream''

(Dedicated to those peace lover, who thinks ''The little boy'' and ''The Fat man'' were same for mankind, I would love listen all the peace loving people .)

You steal the dreams, after the defeat of the Eagle,
Gathering, conspiracy, divisions, cunning smile .
He sits in a cave of iron, all around a jungle
Roaring sea hunts his night, he thinks for a while.
He fought on the earth, making them legal;
Using arms thousand and thousand miles.

Five millions dry people move to east,
As if they would get a delicious feast.
Cold storm was waiting ahead as death
With a musical march, They had faith.
They killed the people, burned the city,
Crying hard for the victory of liberty.

With sharp arms, Millions of people mingle together;
Frustration, hatred, loot, killing smile,
He sits on the air, all around sky
Bright Sun warmed his body, he looked to fight
He wanted to make the world bright.

Killing! Killing! All a around Killing !
Laughing nature, No where feeling!
Someone captured, some one killed
Smiling with nature, He was alone to Flee.
sit against the wall, he said, ''You steal the dreams...
''You steal the dreams....You steal the dreams...


  1. Alok Nandanji,
    I have gone through both of your poems and am pleased to find an intensity of feelings against (so called) sofistication and hippocracy. A poet must have such sensitivity as you have shown here. Style matches with T.S. Eliot.A good expression....
    I have commented on the question of qafia. Please visit again the comments on my ghazel.
    Hari Shanker Rarhi

  2. Hari Shankar ji
    In fact I was trying to write this poem in a perfect poetic style...I tried my best and posted it but when I glanced over it again I felt that I was not up to mark...I did some blunder during formation of the stanzas. But yes, my mind was very much clear regarding the enemy of human being...I am glad you read it and commented...In fact this poety is inspired by War and Peace, by Tolostoy. Napolian Bonapart led an armed gang to East and killed millions of people having a dream to civilize them...In the same way some so called superpowers are are trying to civilize the hunam being through the policy of iron and sword...They are more dangerous than the brutal forces as they are very much cool in their attempt...but of course I will fight through words...as I know words dances all around the lips and they ignite minds....
    Your Gazal was excellent!!! I am eager for more...more and more...Lead my mind through your Gazal or anything else....Really I am your great fan!!
    alok nandan


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