Ekata kapoor is a thinking bird

Miss Ekata kapoor is very much thoughtful girl and after a deep and constant thinking about the Mahabarata, she has brought some pearl for the New Generation, who has not seen the Mahabharata. May be, she believes that the Mahabharata is a story to be seen, and for last two years during her research, she was watching the Mahabarata, not reading it. But her finding regarding the Mahabharata is unique. She has done a lot of experiment with sas and bahu and she is confident regarding her research. In her kahaani hamaaray Mahaabhaarat ki, she has used a tatoo around the belly of Draupadi and all the members of her creative team are proud of her new findings. This tatoo around the belly of Draupadi is the result intense research, as a full team of 8 researchers was busy for last two years. Its finding must be appreciated by the new generation.
Miss Ekata kapoor very politely accepts that she has not done any mythological shows, although her sas-bahu saga is far ahead of any mythology. In her own words, '' I have never done any mythological shows before and decided to do my version of Mahabharat which will be mainly targeted at the youth who have only heard of Mahabharat.'' She is so nice, so quite that she is very much worried about New Genereation, who has only heard about Mahabharata. And after conceiving Mahabharata she is producing her own version.The New Generation would love to see the tatoo around Draupadi's belly. She has done a great job and she is very much aware of it as she says, '' We have freed the mythological of its clichés. ''She is leading the Indian culture in a new direction, towards tatto- culture.
She is a serious researcher, so for the costume of all the characters, she has approached Bollywood fashion designer Manish Malhotra. He has thought a lot with Ekata kapoor's line, after all she has done a deep research. Even she has haired a historian, who is taking care of all the things regarding Mahabharata, although Ekata believes that mythology is not history, and Mahabharata is mythology.
Ekata is highly devoted to Lord Krishana, so while selecting the infant Lord Krishna she left no stone unturned. she had deputed a large team from the production department to find out details about kids who were born last year on the day of Krishna Janam, ie, Janamashtami. The team, which went on this mission five months back, collected a list of over 150 infants who were born on last ‘Janmashtami’. From these 150-plus kids, 25 kids were shortlisted, and their kundalis were checked by a team of 7 distinguished astrologers who were specially flown in from various parts of India. These astrologers further picked the perfect two kundalis, and incidentally, the kid who was chosen is also named Krish! Thanks God, she has found a child ! Otherwise there was a probability she would collect some new married couple and ask them to use right time table for love-making so that she should get a right child for the infant Lord Krishana next year. In that case, New Generation would be waiting for her perception of Mahabharata.

Also prior to our Krishna janam episode, the teams from MAHAABHAARAT went to Balaji Tirupati, Jagannath Puri and Sreenathji to get the ornaments and clothes blessed, which will be worn by our Krishna in MAHAABHAARAT. The moorpankh has come from Jagannath Puri. The jewels have been blessed at Tirupathi. They have got the chakra that Krishna will carry blessed from Sreenathji because they say the asli chakra is in Sreenathji.
Who is writing the script of her Mahbharata is not known till now. May be it is a secret or may be Ekata kapoor is in direct touch with Lord Ganesha who would recite Mahabharat to Ved Veyas.


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