The pain of creation

(Dedicated to an aspiring writer, whose mind influenced mine)
By alok nandan
For last eight hours, Rahul was trying his best to finish the last scene of his new script, '' the Outstanding creator'' He was dealing the theme of Oedipus Complex of Sigmund Freud. He was thinking constantly of the words of Freud, "I found in myself a constant love for my mother, and jealousy of my father. I now consider this to be a universal event in childhood," Rahul was not agree with the interpretation of Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex by Freud. To him it was the story of misfortune of Oedipus Res, who never saw her mother before killing his father, rather than the sexual attraction of a growing child to his mother. Freud had picked up a good mythological story for a bad reason. And Rahul was trying hard to prove it. He was surprised to see that a whole generation of psychoanalysis was running to a wrong direction after the miscalculated work of Freud.
Now he was completely tired, he turned to his mail and saw in his chat box the red light with Priyanka's name. For last some days he had been exchanging words with her. He felt strong desire to approach her and opened the chat box.
His fingers run fast on the keyboard , ''Hello!!! Are you busy??''
Priyanka answered quickly, ''Hi, no, not very busy right now. How are you?
Having got her response, he felt easy and with it chat started.
Rahu : fine
Priyanka: good
Rhaul, "I have just finished some work, and want some fresh words"
Priyanka, "Ok, on your blog?''
Rahul : " No. "
Priyanka: can I help?
Rahul : tell me some good story, anything you think good.
Priyanka : What kind? sci-fi extreme..... or emotional drama extreme?
Rahul : Your wish. Have you read Freud?
Priyanka : I have

'' What do you think of him?''
'' mmmmm. From what I've managed to read.........I think he was crazy!
'' How how?''
''Ultra-intelligent phenomenal''
'' And his work?''
'' Hummm, Have you read GB Shaw?
'' Unfortunately not. My Dad used to quote him now and then
'' Like?? Can you remember any quote?''
'' No ''
'' You have to read him.You know before writing you have to read a lot.''
'' I know. But would you rather that its a written rule?''
'' No, not at all. From where you will begin?''
'' Gone With The Wind.''
'' It is a classic, but I have not read it. I want to spend ten years only for reading
I am lacking a lot of things.''
'' Are You advising me not to read it?''
'' No, no, you just read like a hungry lioness whatever you get.
After a time you will feel that you know nothing.''
'' Ok....''
'' And that would be the best mental condition. If you read a lot you will be able to judge your work.''
'' hmmmmmm''
'' Fortunately you have much time.''
'' Actually I may read a hell lot you know.''
'' like??''
'' Because I basically plan to read Business newspapers end-to-end when I begin my time at home.....''
'' Ok.''
'' I do read anything and everything nowadays also but...''
'' Day to day business report?''
'' I'd want to channalise my reading to an extent after I quit from work
maybe that or maybe a varying range of reports, not necessarily correlated
'' That is a great plan.''
'' Thanks ''
'' In field of writing you must be commercial hit
'' How come? I mean why? I mean are you saying that I must strive to be one, or are you predicting that I'll be one.....''
'' Strive to be one.''
'' Ok''
''Whatever you write, it must be published on the large scale, it would be good to cross the nation's barriers. Then you will earn a lot of money with self satisfaction.''
'' Hmmmm''
''What awards should a serious professional strive for?''
'' Capture more and more minds, make your reader addicted.''
''Is that the correct way to go about it?''
'' I think so, influence the minds of the era in which you are living, no matter what has been done or written earlier by great pen workers. But never break the established rules unless or until you are capable to give any alternative.''
'' hmmmmmm... I am the types who would rather leave the reader with a question mark than an answer because I don't feel that my answer is super and also
I am someone who would rather just take the reader through a word-treatment to connect with him and later compel him to think in a direction decided not by me but by himself/herself. ''
'' It is a great way.''
''I hope I'd be able to conform to my general principle in my work.''
'' That is nice. I will wait for your work.''
'' Me too.''
'' Your mind is more open then mine and I love it.''
'' oh!
''What happend?''
''Thats a big compliment.''
'' But it is true.''
'' Hmmmmm, thanks.''
''Most well-come! I always try to find out solution with one mind, while you have tendency to engage many minds with the same problem, it is great. I would love to follow this method in my next works, if you do not mind.
''Oh..... You're reading my work even before it has been produced......I'd written a poem once where I portrayed that poem as my baby. ''
'' I love to read creators than their works.''
'' Really!! So I portrayed this poem as my baby and explained how the birth happened
and how I christened it....Mmmm thats it.''
'' That is great.''
''It might have been easier for me because I'm a woman but still would you use this idea for your story today? In my poem I described the whole process or rather the whole duration of conception, the feeling inside, the nurturing inside feeling, the life inside then an uneasiness to bring it out and finally giving birth to 'it''
'' Wow!!''
'' Only my last line said "....and I christened you "Poetry"! So no-one could tell throughout. ''
'' Super! Excellent !! Brilliant!!!
'' Stop, stop...I am lending you this idea....''
'' But I cannot do justice with it, I am incapable to do it.''
'' Forget it...... you HAVE to! You can't abandon a friend's gift!''
'' Ok.''
''How can I abandon my nice friend's gift? But again I am telling I am incapable to do justice with it.''
''Hmmm.Will you try?
'' Sure!! But it is beyond my imagination as I am man. And naturally I can never get that feeling in spite of my whole might ''
''I can understand but take a parallel concept, maybe you could witness it in an acquaintance who's a woman and write about the glow, the pain, the hope, the care.....
'' It is very challenging.''
'' Well, much hint...its your turn now..... Your putty it is..... Shape it as you would a lovely sculpture!
'' And above all, if I write it, no one would not believe in me
'' Why?''
''They will discuss it on the very scientific basis
and I will be crushed
'' He, he ...I am sure you can do it. Take this chat as part of the story.''
'' Construction is not a problem, problem is the feeling, the theme. All the methods of writing are easy. It needs practice only, but main thing is content.''
'' Hmmmmm.''
''You are right.''
'' And in my wild imagination I cannot get that feeling and here I will do injustice with it, so I do not want to write only for write shake.''
'' I can understand. I'll send you the poem anyways.....''
'' I would love to read the poem.''
''I undersatand, sure.''
'' Can you push a man's mind into a woman body?''
'' Yes I can try. You want me to compose something for you here......?
'' You can do one thing...but it is just an experiment.''
'' Tell me about it....''
'' Let me have your all feeling in my heart and my mind but it may be dangerous for me. Oh no !!! Experiments are always risky.
Let me read your poetry first
'' I'll send you the poem soon.''
'' It is still in my copy. When I wrote it, there was no internet. I was in my ninth standard
'' Oh!! One more complexion.''
'' ???''
'' It is too difficult to me to imagine myself as a ninth standard girl. You know what you are telling me to do? You are telling me imagine about a creation that is related with a womans' mind, heart and process.''
'' Hmmmmm.''
'' ...and she is not a woman.''
''Isn't it a very everyday phenomenon.''
''.... but a girl.''
''Yes I was a young girl of 13-14 at that time.''
'' Yes!!! How can I catch the fundamental elements of that poetry? That poetry is working on multiple levels.''
'' Meaning what? Name 3 levels for instance.''
'' It is related with creation, and the process of creation
'' yeah.''
'' and with a feeling.''
'' Actually I think you're looking at it with a limited point of view or perspective so to speak.''
'' Ok. Break my chain, chain of my mind. ''
''It is not the process of creation.....You have to assume that the process of creation was automatic, natural, and is complete! now.....
'' Good.''
''It is the newly created thing that is inside you......and you have to bring it out expose it to the world. It is painful both the ways. It is painful if it is inside you and it'll be painful when you'll bring it out... Yes it is. Part one it' ll be painful if it is inside you because you love it too much, too much to hold its individuality and you can't be God to deny a creation its life. You have to give it to 'it'
'' Ok.''
'' And secondly, when you bring it out you see people looking at it with critique, the wind sweeping over it....the rain washing it etc. Every time its face twitches, you feel the pain. But then that is the way life is! So its kinda post the process......
'' I do feel protective about it so very few know about this one.... I'd read it out to my Dad.... my Mum, a couple of friends.''
''Do you think I can do it?''
''If you'll really think out-of-the-box..... You will surely do it!
'' Ok.''
'' And I will try too to do it. ''
'' You are talking of only side.''
'' By any chance have you read anything by Nicholai Gogol?
'' A lot of thing about him. The writer of dead soul. Leave him. You are talking about its creative prospects only. ''
'' Ok.''
'' ...and I am thinking about its mythological aspects..''
'' Interesting.....''
'' like Eve''
'' On what lines are you thinking?''
'' Adam and Eve.''
''Yup Yup!! How is that connected here?
''Story is related with old testament, the creation of man and woman.''
'' Wow!!! What an aspect to it. I'll write another one.''
'' And the curse that woman got from the God to bear the pain of child.''
'' Hmmmmmm.''
'' Eve was cursed by the God.''
'' The forbidden fruit and the serpent's persuasion to which she yielded
'' You got it. Two parallel strong themes will lead your poetry to greatness. Do not you think so? The pain of creation and the pain of birth related with a woman due to God's dislikes and in that way you need here a solution.''
'' I think yes...''
''I'll try that one out, maybe not, I may not be able to give a solution but just present the way I look at the whole scenario.''
'' Or you can use your won methods to provoke your readers''
'' In my own words. hmmmmm!! I may....... if I fail to do so, I may fail to be an effective writer but I won't fail myself.....
'' I think at least God's words can be challenged here regarding woman.''
'' YEAH, YOU'RE RIGHT! You'll have to excuse me I gotta go for a class
I'm preparing for some PhD...''
''Ok, take care!!''
When Priyanka turned away, Rahul looked at the pages of Oedipus the king by Sophocles and started constructing his next scene about Freud who had done a blunder mistake using the word Oedipus complex in his milestone theory. But deep in his mind Priyanka's words about the pain of creation were moving and he was waiting for her poetry that had been written by her in her teen age.

The end


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