People were sold and purchased like cattle;
They were treated no better than animal.
Their only duty to obey their ruthless masters;
They were backbone of Roman Empires.
Slaves could not dream of a better life;
They were never allowed for any strife.

Five centuries ago before the birth of Christ
The last emperor of Rome was thrown from dice
Traquin's ruthless nature was not like by public
The Patrician decided to establish a republic.
After revolt, to look after the governance of state;
The heads of those families created a Senate.

Plebians were, too, considered citizens;
They were given little right in horizon.
Tiberius and Gaius tried to reform the polity
But these two brothers killed with brutality.
A civil war broke out all around the empire
The Roman kingdom was on faming fire.

During the turmoil, degeneration and fault
With anger, slaves raised the banner of revolt.
It was impossible to smother the flame of freedom;
Exploitation, repression and injustice shook the rythm.
With unnatural sex, Romans had become lecherous;
Seeking pleasures in different shameless ventures.

Immense pleasure was dual between Gladiator slaves;
Anger was on rising like endless roaring sea waves.
Blood soaked bodies were the source of romance;
Defeated Gladiators were not given next chance.
For amusement, they are forced to kill one-another
'The Thracian' was expert in fighting with curved dagger.

The Romans themselves taught the slaves to fight;
Women were given to them to keep happy and satisfied;
By organizing the duels, Lanistas were earning huge sums;
In the city of Capua, Batiatus's school was very famous;
For selecting slaves for the duels, he had uncanny eyes;
He liked the rebellious slaves who would work in mines.

After buying them, they were trained in the art of duel;
The bloody fighting were organized like a burning hell.
Bracus and Camus came to Capua for bloody amusement;
Spartacus, Draba, David and a slave chosen for segment;
The fighting started between two expert gladiators;
After defeating, one refused to kill another slave worrier.

Angry Draba and Spartacus stood for the next round;
The Negro attacked on the Roman with his spear's sound.
The Soldiers speared the rebellious Draba to death;
Even they killed another Negro for establishing faith.
Of this revolt, Spartacus became one of the soul leaders;
Crikkus and Ganicuss joined it as his trusted feathers.

The Corpses of Draba and Negro hanged on a cross;
Spartacus decided not to fight without any cause.
He informed the other slaves about his decision;
And asked, why should our life be treated as delusion.
They applauded him and put up the flag of revolt;
After morning exercise, they assembled in the dining hall.

Three generation of Spartacus family had been slaves;
First time, he and his men they breathed as free waves.
Slave Gladiators then pounced on the forty soldiers;
They could not stand against these furious fighters.
They looted the arms and organized in army manners
Destroying the platoon, they held Mount Vesuvius.

By Senate, 3000 soldiers sent to crush the rebellions;
They advanced to Capua, under command of Barinius.
After unleashing terror, the Romans retired for the night
The slaves attacked their camp and killed them at site.
Spartacus gave Porthus the sceptre of the kingdom;
His men were furious but he was full of wisdom.

''We are now sick of the lashing by whips'' ;
He roared like a lion as he was not a sheep.
The historical words pronounced, Wow!,
'' We do not wish to remain as slaves now.''
Nearly 100,000 slaves enlisted in his army;
They prepared to fight against their enemy.

Now, Pubilius was sent to crush them death;
Spartacus used guerilla tactics with full faith.
In alpine passes, he followed hit and run policy;
Defeating that army, established his regency;
Then, experienced general Mumius came forward;
But his men run away, saving their precious heads

Two Roman generals Mumius and Servious;
After brutal fighting, arrested by Spartacus.
They were compelled to fight without mediators;
As if they were nothing but two cripple gladiators.
Under command of Marcus, spread the music of swords
Spartacus was captured and crucified beside the roads.

The defeat was not the end the story;
It was just beginning of a new history.
He was treated as the first rebel and martyr;
Next generation paid their homage to this fighter.
He lighted the torch of freedom and blazed the trail;
Let me love the hero, who fought against the hell.

The End


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